Why you should go on a Himalayan trek once in your life

Dr. Somil Savla during his Himalyan Trek

Holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing, to pamper you and take away all the stress that you endured in your daily routine. Yet there are some like me who travel thousands of kilometres by flight and road to reach a remote base camp somewhere in the Himalayas from where we would walk for about 60-100 kilometres and climb really scary altitudes in sub-zero temperatures during their holidays. So why do people do this and is this really relaxing?

Simply put, its super fun and yes it is relaxing. But let’s dwell deeper into this to find some answers. Firstly the views are breathtaking. You would definitely not find these sights at your routine touristy destinations. On a trek, you would get to experience green meadows, rainforests, snowclad peaks, cold deserts, mammoth mountains, get to witness snowfalls, rare birds and catch a glimpse of magical sunrises.

Secondly imagine a world without mobile phones. Nobody to disturb you all day. You are alone with your thoughts and your music. You finally get time to read that novel that you’ve been dying to or write that story that’s been in your head for months. Apart from this, a trek gives you a chance to interact with and learn from people who belong to different walks of lives, giving you opportunities and experiences that our education system does not. You get to play games like kabaddi, lagori and mafia, something that you really enjoyed as a child. Finally, for anyone who is looking for a big challenge or seeking motivation to turn their attention towards fitness, a trek, in my opinion is one of the best solutions.